Botany name :Ocimum basilicum
Tamil name :Thiruneertru pachchai
Habit :Shrub or Herb
Parts used :Whole plant
Constituents :Leaves contain an essential oil which contains new terpene.
Action :Diaphoretic, carminative, stimulant. seeds are mucilaginous, demulcent,aphrodisiac and diuretic.
leaves are fragrant and aromatic. juice of the plant is anthelmintic. root is febrifuge.


Botany name :Ocimum sanctum
Tamil name :Thulasi
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Whole plant
Constituents :an essential oil
Action :Demulcent,expectorant and antiperiodic. Root is febrifuge, seeds are mucilagenous and demulcent.




 Botany name :Odina wodier
Tamil name :Othiya maram
Habit :Tree
Parts used :Leaves and bark
Constituents :Bark contains tannin and ash contains considerable quantity of potassium carbonate.
Action :Astringent, tonic,and disinfectant, styptic, resolvent and deobstruent,



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