Botany Name :Pedalium murex    
Habit :Herb
Parts use :Whole plant
Constituents :The four angled spiny fruit contains a mucilaginous alkaloid fat, resin, gum,and ash.
Action :Leaves are antibilious. seeds are demulcent, diuretic,tonic, muscilaginous and Aphrodisiac.


Botany name:Phaseolus mungo           
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Seeds and tender parts
Constituents :Seeds contain albuminoids and starch
Action :Seeds are nutritious. in large quantities
it is an aperients.


Botany name:Pyllanthus niruri                
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Whole plant
Constituents :Rich in potassium
Uses :This is an ideal Medicinal plant to cures jaundice,For cobra bite. This also approved very effective in treating liver. Spleen and kidney inflammation.This purifies the blood too. dysentery and dyspepsia.




Botany name :Piper nigrum   
Habit :Climber
Parts used :Dried Unripe fruit
Constituents :A Volatile alkaloid Piperine and piperidine.
Action :Black pepper is acrid, Pungent,hot, carminative,and antiperiodic. Externally it is Rubefacient,stimulant and resolvent., on the mucous membrane of the urethra it acts like cubebs. piperin is mild antipyretic and antiperiodic.


Botany name:Pongamia glabra                                
Habit :Tree
Parts used :Seeds,stem,leaves, fruit, and oil, from the seeds.
Contituents :Seeds yield an oil known as pongamia oil, or honge oil.seeds also contain traces of an essential oil. bark contains bitter alkaloid.
Action :Seeds, leaves,root and oil are antiparasitic.bark is astringent. powdered seeds are febrifuge and tonic and have expectorant properties. Leaves are also cholagogue, astringent, alterative,stimulant and parasiticide.oil is antiseptic and stimulant.



 Botany name :Pistia stratiotes            
Habit :Offset
Parts used :Leaves and petiole
Constituens :Plant contains mineral salts and silicic acid ash contains potassium chloride and sulphate.
Action :Refrigerant, demulcent, laxative, and emollien



Botany name :Psidium gujava    
HabitA :Small Tree
Parts used :Whole plant
Contituents :Bark contains tannin, resin and crystals of calciuk oxalate. leaves contain a volatile oil.root stem-bark and leaves contain a large amount of tannin acid. fruit are rich in vitamins.
Action :Stem bark and root-bark are astringent,
febrifuge and antiseptic. fruit is laxative, tonic and cooling.
leaves are astringent, diuretic and carminative.




Botany name:Ptychotis ajowan                     
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Fruit
Constituents :An aromatic volatile essential oil
Action :Seeds posses defusible,stimulant, stomachic,
carminative, tonic, aromatic,pungent, antispasmodic and antiseptic properties.




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