Botany name : Sarcostemma brevistigma 
Habit : Twinning Herb
Parts used : Whole plant
Constituents : Intoxicating liquor is made from the juice of the plant.
Action : Milky juice is anti-syphilitic and anthelmintic.




 Botany name : Sida rhomboidea        
Habit : Herb
Parts used : Root and leaves
Constituents : An essential oil
Action : Leave and root are used in piles, gonorrhoea, anti-sound, diuretic aphrodisiac.it is also styptic reolvent and analgesic.



Botany name:Solanum verbascifolium                  
Habit :Smal Tree
Parts used :Fresh and dried fruit,root.
Constituents:Alkaloid, sonanine,saponin.
Action : Expectorant, stomachic,germicide,anti-cancer,and anti-rheumatic.



Botany name: Solanum Trilobatum                                                             
Habit :Climber
Parts used :Whole plant    
Constituents:Leaves contain moisture, protien, minerals,cruide fibre and other carbohydrates.
Action :Cardiac,tonic,carminative,stimulant,expectorant,diaphoretic and aphrodisiac.


Botany name:Solanum xanthocarpum                
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Whole plant
Constituents:A Gluco alkaloid termed as solanocarpine
Action :Plant is an expectorant, carminative and diuretic. seeds are hydragogue. fruit is capestrol.



Botany name :Sphaeranthus indicus                                                              
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Stems, leaves, and flowers, roots and seeds
Contituents :Stems contain oil. stems, leaves and flowers contain sphaeranthine.
Action :Herb is bitter,stomachic, stimulant,alterative,pectoral and demulcent. root is anthelmitic.


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