Botany name:Tamarindus indica 
Habit :Tree
Parts used :Pulp of the fruit, seeds, leaves, flowers, and bark.
Constituents:Pulp contains tartanic acid, malic and acetic acids, tartarate of potassium, invent sugar, gum and pectin. seed contain a fixed oil and insoluble matter.seed contain albuminoids, fat, carbohydrates, fibre andash containing phosphorus and nitrogen.
Action :Unrip fruit is highly acid. pulp of ripe fruit which is sweet or acrid is cooling,
refrigerant, carminative,digestive, laxative, avaluable antiscorbutic and antibilious. leaves are refrigerant. red outer covering seed is a mild astringent and antibilious



Botany name:Thea assamica
Habit :Shrub
Parts used :Tender leaves
Constituents:Dried leaves contains theine its chief alkaloid wich is identical with caffine and tannin.
Action :Decoction of the dried powedered leaves is stimulant, diuretic andastringent. in some it prevents sleep and causes mental irritability.



Botany name:Thespesia populnea        
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Leaves, flowers, root bark and fruit.
Constituents:Seeds contains phosphoric acid and an oil.
Action :Leaves, flower and unripe fruit are anthelmintic, emmenagogue, depurative and antiscorbutic. root is tonic, antisphilitic and antirheumatic.



Botany name:Tribulus terrestris    
Habit :prostrate Herb
Parts used :Fruit, root and the entire plant
Constituents:Extract of the powdered fruit contains an alkaloid, a resin, fat and mineral matter, the fruit contains an alkaloid, a fixed oil, consisting unsaturated acids,
an essential oil, resins and nitrates.
Action :Leaves are stomachic, root is aperient  and tonic. plant and dried spiny fruit are cooling, demulcent, diuretic, tonic and aphrodisiac, the diuretic properties of the large quantities of the nitrates..


Botany name:Trigonella foenum-graceum        
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Leaves and seeds
Constituents:Two alkaloids namely choline and trigonelline.
Action :Leaves are cooling and mild aperient. refrigerant, laxative, stimulant and tonic.



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