Botany name:Vinca rosea
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Flower, roots and leaves
Constituents:This herb contains 72 Alkaloids
Action :Plant is abhortifacient, lactifuge, anti-haemerrhagic,tonic and vulnerary.



Botany name:Viola odorata
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Leaves and flowers
Constituents:Flowers and leaves contain violin which
is an emetic principle
Action :Laxative, diuretic, lactogogue, tonic and demulcent.



Botany name:Vitex negundo                           
Habit :Shrub
Parts used :Root, fruit, flowers, leaves and bark.
Constituents:Leaves contain a colourless essentiol oil fruits contain organic acid andtraces of an alkaloid.
Action :Leaves are externally antiparasitic and discutient, internally alterative, aromatic, bitter, vermifuge and anodine. root is tonic, febrifuge, expectorant and diuretic. fruit is nervine, cephalic and emmenagogue.



Botany name: Vitis  quadrangularis          
Habit :Creeper
Parts used :Leaves and young shoots.
Constituents:Stem contains calcium oxalate, carotene and ascorbic acid.
Action :Leaves and shoots are powerful alteratives, emmenagogue, stomachic and antireumatic.

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