Botany name : Bassia longifolia          
Habit              : Tree 
Parts used     : Seeds and bark 
Costituents      Seeds contain fatty oil called ' bassia oil'  
Action         :  Bark is astringent and emollient. flowers are stimulant and anthelmintic.


Botany name :  Bassia obtusifilia                           
HabitA             : Tree
Parts used        : Bak and leaves.. 
Constituents      :  Glucosides and chrysophanic.
Action              : Bark, leaves and seeds are cathartinic.roots is considered expectorant. leaves are anthelmintic and antiseptic.


Botany name : Bergera koengii
Habit : Tree
Parts used : Bark, root and leaves
Constituents :  Leaves contain a volatile essential oil and vitamin 'A' &'B' 
Action :  Leaves, bark and root are stomachic, root is slighly purgative





Botany name : Blumea balsamifera    
Habit               :  Herb  
Parts used       : Whole plant 
 Action            : Astringent, anthelmintic, sudorfic, carminative and expectorant


Botany name : Bombax pentandru                    
Habit                  : Tree 
Parts used           : Gum, unripe fruits, seeds,flowers,roots and leaves 
Constituents        : Seed contain oil 
Action                 : Juice has tonic, alterative, astringent, aphrodisiac and laxative properties, dried flowers are demulcent.roots are stimulant and tonic effect. unripe fruit are rearded as demulcent and astringent.

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