Botany name:Calotropis gigantea                                                
 Habit   : Shrub 
 Parts used  : Root, root-bark, leaves and flowers   
 Constituents :Resins, caoutchoue, akudarin and calotroin. Collection &storage:For medicinal uses the thic. rough corky   epitermis of the bark should be sraped off before the root bark is  reduced to powder.
   Action   :This drug is like digitalis on the heart root bark is alterative, tonic, antispasmodic, expectorent and in large doses emetic. flowers are digestive, tonic, stomachic and expectorent. milky juice is a violent, purgative, rubefacient and deodorant. leaves are anthelmintic, alterative and stimulant.                   


 Botany name :Capsium annum
Habit :Herb 
Parts used :Fruit 
Constituents :Capsium and solanine  
Action    :A Powerful local irritant, heart and general stimulant, stomachic and tonic.



 Botany name  : Cardiospermu halicacabum
Habit :Herb 
Parts used :Roots, leaves, seeds and the herb 
Constituents :Seeds or fruits yield an essential oil and saponin. 
Action     : Root and the leaves are diuretic, laxative, stomachic, alterative and emetic. it is externally rubefacient. 




 Botany name :Carica papaya
 Parts used :Fruit, milky juice, leaves and seeds 
 Constituents :The milky juice contains papain. this is similar to pepsin, dry fruit contains soda, pottash and phosporic acid. leaves contain carpie and carposide.
 Action   Papain is cabable of digesting fresh blood fibrane in 4 to 5 hours at the temprature of 50* c juice of the green fruit is emmenagogue and rubefacient. ripe fruit is disestive and alterative.green fruit is laxative and diuretic. 


Botany name:Cassia angustifolia
Habit      : Tree
Parts used :Pods and dried leave.
Constituents:Pods and leaves contain catharin.
Action      :Catheric, anthelmintic, purgative and diuretic.


Botany name :Cassia fistula
Habit    :Tree 
Parts used  :Pulp of the fruit, roor-bark, flower, pods leaves and roots.
Constituents :The powderded fruit contains a volatil. pulp, consists of sugar, gum, gluten,colouring matter, and watter.   
Action       :Demulcent, laxative, vermifuge, xpectorant anti-prutic and purgative.



 Botany name  :Cassia auriculata
Habit    : Tree 
Parts used    :Roots, leaves, flowers, bark and seeds 
Constituents :Bark contains tannin 
Action   :Flower, leaf and bark are tonic and astringent,seeds are refrigerant and attenuant. root in decoction is used as alterative. 



Botany name :Cassia sophera
Habit       : Tree 
Parts used   :Flowers and bark 
Action :Diuretic and ant-rhematic



Botany name : Citrus acida
Habit : Tree
Parts used : Leaves and fruit.
Costituents : Rich in vitamin 'C' oil contains citrol pectin.citric acid and anti-scorbutic acid.
Action : Fruit is refrigerent, stomachic, appetizer and antiseptic.


Botany name : Citrus media
Habit : Smaal tree
Parts used : Rind, juice and oil
Constituents : Oil is expressed from the rind of the fruit. it contains citrine or limonene, citrol, cymene and citroneleal.
Action : Yellow pulp is stomachic. rind is aromatic, stimulant, tonic, and antiscorbutic. fruit juice is refrigerant, astringent, digestive, antitoxic, aromatic and stomachic.



Botany name : Clerodendron inerme
Habit : Shrub
Parts used : Leaves and juice of the roots and the leaves.
Constituent : Leaves contain a bitter princeple. resin, gum and ash contains sodium.
Action : Tonic, febrifuge and alterative. leaves are mucilaginous, bitter fragrant, cholagogue, antiphlogistic, expectorant, antisyphilithic, anti-rheumatic, alexipharmic and antidote.


Botany name : Clerodendron phlomoides
Habit : Small tree
Parts used : Leaves
Constituents : Oil is extracted from the leaves
Action : Leaves are alterative and tonic. root is aromatic and astringent. oil is anti-rhuematic.



Botany name :Coccinia indica                                                              
Habit :Climber 
Parts used :Whole plant  
Constituents :Root contains resins and the plant contains glucokenin. 
Action      :Plant is diaphoretic, stimulant,diuretic and cooling, leaves and stem are antispasmodic and expectorant, fruit is bitter.


Botany name : Coriandrum sativum                                                   
Habit : Herb 
Parts used : Whole plant 
Constituents : Plant contains albuminoids and soluble carbohydrates. fruits yield a volatile essential oil, fixed oil which contains fat, muscilage, tannin and malic acid. 
Action      : Fruit is aromatic, stimulant, carminative, stomachic, antibilious, refrigerant, tonic, diuretic and aphrodisiac. fresh leaves are pungent and aromatic.



Botany name :Cucumis sativus    
Habit :Creeper 
Parts used :Fruit, seeds and leaves. 
Constituents :Seeds contain fixed oil, starch, resin and sugar fruit is in mineraks. 
Action      :Fruit is nutrient, demulchent, refrigerant, diuretic, antiscorbutic, stomachic and antidote, ripend fruit is hydrogogue and expectorant,seeds are cooling and diuretic. 



Botany name : Curcuma amada   
Habit : Herb  
Parts used :Rhyzome 
Constituents :Essential oil, resin and aromatic organic acids. 
Action      : Carminative,cooling, aromatic, stomachic and astringent. 



Botany name :Curcuma longa                                                          
Habit :Herb 
Parts used :Tubers or rhizomes. 
Constituents :An essential oil, and alkaloid, curcumine turmeric oil and caproic acid. 
Action  : Aromatic, stimulant, tonic, and carminative,juice is anthelmintic. 



Botany name :Cynodon dactylon      
Habit :Perennial grass
Parts used :Herb, root-stalk and leaves 
Action :Astringent, alterative, styptic, diuretic, emollient, stomachic and referigerant.



Botany name :Cyperus rotandus      
Habit :Herb 
Parts used :Tuber or bulbous root. 
Action      : Astringent, stimulant, diuretic, diaphoretic, demulcent, emmenagogue,   vermifuge and lactagogue.



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