Botany name : Heliotroium indicum                  
Habit : Herb
Parts used : Stem, leaves and flowers.
Constituents : Stems and leaves contain tannin, a non-crystalline organic acide and an alkaloid soluble in ether.
Action : Diuretic, emmolient and anodyne.







 Botany name : Eclipta prostrata                          
 Habit               :Herb 
Parts used         : Whole plant 
Action              : Emetic, alterative, deobstruent, carminative, refrigerant and demulcent. 




Botany name  : Eleusine coracana
Habit :Herb 
Parts used :Seeds 
Constituents : Albuminoids and starch and proteins. 
Action :Astringent and nutrient. 



 Botany name : Emblica officinalis                          
Habit                 : Tree                                                                    
Parts used          : Fresh and dried fruits, the nut leaves, root bark and flowers. 
Constituents       : Fruit are rich in vitamin 'C' and pectin. fruit is edible and an oil is extracted. 
Action                : Fresh fruit is refrigerant, diuretic, laxative, carminative and stomachic. dried fruit is sour  and astringent. flowers are coolig and aperient. bark is astringent. 


Botany name  : Enterrolobium saman           
Habit               : Tree 
Parts used        : Fruit and leaves 


 Botany name : Ervatamica coronaria                                               
Habit               : Shrub 
Parts used       : Latex flowers and root. 
Constituents     : It contains coronaridin, montanine, and terpinoids. 
Action             : Flowers and roots are anthelmintic, acrid, purgative and vermicide. 


Botany name  : Erythrina indica
Habit : Tree   
Parts used : Leaves, flowers and bark 
Constituents : Leaves contain two resins a bitter poisonous alkaloid erithrine. 
Action : Bark is antibilious, expectorant, febrifuge and anthelmintic. leaves are diuretic, laxative emmenagogue and galactagogue. 




Botany name  : Eucalyptus globulus                                                  
Habit                   : Tree 
Parts used           : Dry leaves, gum and oil, distilled from the fresh leaves. 
Constituents         : Leaves contain volatile oil.
Action                 : Leaves are febrifuge,carminative, analgesic, antiphilogestic and expectorant.   eucalyptus  oil is  powerfully antiseptic and disinfectant. eucalyptus increases the flow of    saliva, gastric and intential juices andthus increases appetite and digestion. 


 Botany name : Eugenia jambolana
Habit        : Tree 
Parts used   : Fruit, leaves, dried seeds and bark.
Constituents : Seed contains jamboline, phenolic substance, an essential oil, fat, resin, gallic acid and albumen. bark contains tannin and kinolic gum. 
Action : Bark leaves and seeds are astringent, and stomachic. berry is astringent juice of the fruit is stomachic, astringent, diuretic and demulcent. 


 Boatany name : Euphorbia antiquorum                                               
Habit                :Small tree 
Parts used        : Stem, root and root-bark.
Constituents      : Dried juice contain euphorbin two resins and gum.
Action              : Purgative, emetic, alterative, stomachic, rubefacient and vesicant 


 Botany name  : Euphorbia nerifolia                    
Habit                  : Shrub 
Parts used           : Root and whole plant.
Constituents        : Euphorbon, resin malate of calcium and gum. 
Action                 : Juice is purgative and expectorant. root is anti-spasmodic. 


 Botany name : Euphorbia tirucalli               
Habit               : Small shrub 
Parts used       : Bark and whole plant. 
Constituents     : Euphobon, gum, resin, caoutchouc, and malate of calcoum. 
Action              : Milky juice is in small doses is purgative in large doses an acrid, counter-irritant and emetic.    externally it is rubifacient. 


 Botany name  : Evolvus alsinoides                                                   
Habit                  : Herb 
Parts used           : Whole plant 
Constituents        : A Yellow fat, an alkaloid, an organic and saline substances.  
Action                : Tonic, alterative, febrifuge, anthelmintic and antiphlogistic. 


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