Botany name : Ficus benghalensis                                          
Habit              : Tree
Parts used       : Milky juice and bark
Constituents    : Bark and youg buds contain tannin wax and caoutchouc.
Action            : Bark is tonic, alterative and demulcent milky juice is aphrodisiac, demulcent and refrigerant,root is astringent.


Botany name : Ficus glomerata                                   
Habit : Tree
Parts used : Root,root-bark, leaves fruit, milky-juice and galls.
Constituents : Wood possesses tannin and wax. the ash containing silica and phosphoric acid.
Action : Bark, leaves and unripe fruit are used in dysentry. the tonic of the fruit is a laxative and used in the treatment of piles, paralysis, and cough also it improves blood [cordial]


Botany name : Ficus religiosa
Habit : Tree                                        
Parts used : Leaves, bark, and seeds .
Constituents : Root bark contains tannin, cochotone and wax.
Action : Seeds are cooling, laxative, refrigerant and alterative, young leaves and shoots are purgative, bark is cooling, astringent .laxative,aphrodisiac and tonic



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