Botany name : Heliotroium indicum                  
Habit : Herb
Parts used : Stem, leaves and flowers.
Constituents : Stems and leaves contain tannin, a non-crystalline organic acide and an alkaloid soluble in ether.
Action : Diuretic, emmolient and anodyne.





 Botany name : Hemidesmus indicus                      
Habit : Twining herb
Parts used : Root, root-bark, and the juice of the plant.
Constituents : Cowmarin, a volatile oil hemidesmine, stearoptin called as smilasperica cid
Action : Root is a valuble alterative, tonic, demulcent, diaphoretic and diuretic ,it also possesses   the sudorific and alterative properties of jamaica sarasaparilla. plant is a blood purifire,tonic, appetizer and emollient.





Botany name : Herpestis monnieria               
Habit : Creeping plant
Parts used : Whole plant, root stalk and leaves.
Constituents : Plant contains brahmine .
Action : Leaves are externally antiparasittic and powerfuly discutient. internally alterative, bitter vermifuge and anodyne.root is tonic febrifuge, expectorant and diuretic. fruit is nervine,cepalic and emmenagogue. dried fruit acts as a vermifuge.
flowers are cooling and astrigent



 Botant name : Hibiscus esculentus               
Habit : Herb
Parts used : Fruit
Constituents : The fruit contains albuminoids, soluble carbohydrates,
woody fibre and ash.fresh capsules abound in a copius bland vicid
mucilage which consists of pectin and also salt of photash, lime and magnesium.
Action : Emollient, demulcent, diuretic, cooling and aphrodisiac.




Botany name : Hibiscus rosa-sinensis        
Habit : Shrub
Parts used : Roots, flowers, seeds and leaves.
Constituents : Rich in anthocyanin. oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves.I
Action :Flowers are refrigerant, emollient, demulcent. and aphrodisiac,also emmenagogue.dark red petals are demulcent. leaves are emollient,anodyn and aperient or laxative.



Botany name : Hydrocotyle asiatica                            
Habit : Herb
Parts used : The whole plant, leaves, fruits, roots, twigs,seeds etc. roots are the most active part of the plant
Constituents : An oleaginous white crystalline substance 'VALLARIN' is the active principle of the leaves, resin and some fatty aromatic body, gum, sugar, tannin, albuminoids, matter,salt mostly alkaline sulphates. vellarin has the odour and bitter taste of the fresh plant.
Action : Alterative, tonic, diuretic, and local stimulant, especialy of the cutaneos system and a bitter substitute. it also has an emmenagogue action.



Botany name : Hygrophila spinosa                 
Habit : Herb
Parts used : The whole plant
Constituents : Roots contain an alkaloid named hygrosterol seeds yield fixed oil which hassweet taste. oil contains myristic,palmitic, and stearic acids.
Action : Root is cooling, bitter, tonic, diuretic, demulcent and refrigerant. seeds are
 diuretic and aphrodisiac.leaves are demulcent and diuretic. ashes of the plant are diuretic.


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