Botany name : Abrus precatorius                            
Habit : Climbing shurb
Parts used : Roots, seeds, leaves.
Constituens    : Seeds contain poisonous proteins and the roots contain glycyrrhizin.
Action : Leaves are laxative, expectorant and aphrodisiac, seeds are purgative,
emietic,tonic antiphlogistic, aphrodisiac and anti- opthalmic.


Botany name : Acacia arabica                                  
Habit           : Tree
Parts used      : Bark, gum,leaves, seeds and .pods.
Constituents : Gum contains arabic acids combined with calcium magnesium and potacium.
Action : Astringent, demulcent,aphrodisiac,nutritive and expectorant. bark is
powerful astringent.pods are expectorant.


Botany name  : Acalypha fruticosa             
Habit          : Herb
Parts used      : Leaves and roots..
Action        : Alterative, attenuate ,stomachic, antibilios and alexipharmi.




Botany name : Aacalypha indica                    
Habit          : Herb
Parts used     : Whole plant
Constituents   : Acalypus and acaliphine.
Action         : Cathartic, antihelmintic, emetic, expectorant, emmenagogue, anodyne,
hypnotic and stomachic.


 Botany name :  Aachranthes aspera                       
Habit         : Herb                               
Parts used     : Whole plant
Constituents   : Fruit contains a large percentage of alkaloid and ash containing potash.
Action        :  Leaves are astringent, diuretic, alterative and antiperiodic root is purgative
and anti-lithic. abortifacient, uterine sedative, emetic and emmenagogue and parturifacient.


 Botany name : Adathoda vasica                     Adhatoda zeylanica                                    
Habit         : Shrub
Parts used    : Leaves, roots, flowers and barks.
Constituents  : A Volatile essentiol oil, fat resin, a bitter non volatile, alkaloid called  
 vasicine, an organicacid "ADOTHODIC ACID" The antiseptic properties of the leaves is due to the volatic princeple.
 Action    : Expectorant, diuretic, anti-spasmodic and alterative.



 Botany name:  Aegle marmelos
Habit           : Tree     
Parts used      : Fruit [both ripe and unripe] root bark, leaves, rined of the ripe and flowers.
Constituents     : The pulp contains mucilade, pectin, sugar tannin, volatile oil and ash. the wood-ash contains potassium and sodium compounds, phosphates of lime and iron, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, slica etc. leaves yield an oil.
Action          : Rip fruit is sweet, aromatic, cooling, alterative and nutritive. unripe fruit is astringent, digestive, stomachic, and little constipative. pulp, is stimulant, antipyretic and antiscorbutic, fresh juice is bitter and pungent.



Botany name : Agati grandiflora         
Habit : Shrub
Parts used    : Leaves , flowers, bark.
Constituents  : Vitamin A ,C,& D,leaves are rich in calcium.
Action        : Astringent, laxative, refrigerant,digestive, cooling, antidote.



 Botany name : Aloe indica
Habit : Herb   
Parts used : Leaves.
Constituents : It contains amixure of glucosides collectively called 'ALOIN'.
Action          :Stomachic, tonic in small doses purgative and indirectly emmenagogue and anthelmintic.



 Botany name : Anamirtta cocculus seed ( fish berry)
 Habit : Climbing Shrup
Parts used : Seed
Constituents : Picrotoxin, Cocculin and Anamirtin.
Action : Emetic ,Parasiticide and Narcotic. This Transquilises The Fishes. The Seeds Are Used To Eradicate Lices. This Is Also Used In Treating Epilepsy, Paralysis And Head Ache.For The Boils And Feruncles This Is Used
As An External Application. The Seed Are Also Used To Cure Ashthma.



Botany name  : Andrographis paniculatas                                     
Habit : Herb
Parts used : Whole plant
Constituents : Leaves contain an essential oil and kameghin is extracted from this plant. 
Action : Roots and leaves are stomachic, tonic, antipyretic, alterative,anthelmintic,febrifuge, choagogue, hepatic, stimulant and antiphloglistic. 




 Botany name: Anisochilus carnosus     
Habit           : Herb
Parts used      : Leaves
Constituents    : Volatile essential oil
Action          : Volatil oil is stimulant, diaphoretic and expectorant.



 Botany name: Annona squamosa                                                    
Habit          : Tree 
Parts used     : Fruits, leaves, bark,root and seeds.
Constituents   : Seeds yield an oil, amorphous alkaloid and toxic resin.
Action         : Fruit is cooling and cholagogue. seeds and leaves are anthelmintic,
detergent and insecticide. roots is purgative. bark is astringent and toxic.



 Botany name : Aristolochia bracteata                 
Habit          : Shrub
Parts used      : Herb, seeds and leaves and "almost every part of the plant"
Constituents     : A Volatile substance, an alkaloid and salts.
Action : Anthelmintic, purgative, emmenogogue,stimulant,alterative, anti-periodic and tonic.




 Botany name: Aristolochia indica                                                         
Habit         : Twiner
Parts used    : Roort,rhzome [stem] and leaves 
Constituents : It contains an aromatic oil, isoranillin, arists linsdure and aristolochiasdure. 
Action        : It is stimulant, emmenagogue, emetic abortivum, antidote.



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