Meditation , Prayer , Yoga Beads

1.Sandalwood Mala
 Fast becoming extinct, sandalwood is naturally fragrant  and exceedingly smooth. Sandalwood has traditionally been regarded as one of the purest substances and is valued for its cooling properties and its medicinal value too. It is  believed to Promote Tranquility as an aid to meditation. Turning the sandalwood beads while chanting is supposed to have therapeutic properties that enhance calmness and a positive frame of mind.

Length: 39 CMS, well knotted and with a tassel
Bead Size : 8MM



2."9-planet" astrological (Navgraha) Mala
This is made of 9 semi-precious stones, each stone representing  a planet of our solar system. It has tremendous astrological significance. Wearing this mala helps to appease any malefic  tendencies in the astrology chart.
Length: 41 CMS (16")
Bead Size : 8MM




3.Crystal Mala

Crystal is a wonderful healing energizer. It stimulates the brain by acting upon the pituitary and pineal glands. It balances all    the energy Chakras while reciting 'mantras' during meditation.  Also believed to be good for cellulite or cysts. Crystal protects and heals by neutralizing negative influences. Length: 50 cms., strung on a strong thread, knotted and with a tassel.
Bead Size : 8MM


4.Rose Wood Mala
Rosewood is deep ruddy brown color, richly streaked with     black resinous layers that take a fine polish. Rosewood is believed to be good for the skin, improving the circulation and strengthening an individual's aura while repelling the negative energy.
Length: 42 CMS
Bead Size : 8 MM



5.Lotus Mala

Lotus is believed to reduce pitta imbalances. The lotus seeds improve speech and concentration. Mantra invoked on a lotus Malas abounds in spiritual wealth.  The oval seeds of the lotus are a smooth matte brown color known for its cooling effect. It is seen as an astringent and rejuvenative, good for first Chakra issues.
Length: 85.5 CMS
Bead Size : 9-10 MM



6.Rudraksh Mala

Rudraksh, the sacred seed which literally means the eye of lord Shiva, has a brownish red, wrinkled appearance. Rudraksh beads are generally  used with Shiva mantra. However, they are effective with any mantra said with devotion, for they open the Heart Chakra. Rudraksh is believed to help Lower Blood Pressure and Create Stability within the entire system.
Length: 41 CMS
Bead Size : 8-9 MM



7.Ebony Mala

Ebony has long been the favourite wood among royalty in India.  It has a heavy, almost black colour, jutting from the heartwood of the tree which is well known for its extreme durablility.
Length: 41.5 CMS
Bead Size : 8 MM



8.Bodhiseed Mala

Bodhi literally means "enlightenment". The Bodhi tree is renowned in   the context in which lord Buddha attained awakening under it. It is often used as an aniconic image of lord Buddha.
Length: 53 CMS
Bead Size : 10 MM



9.Tulsi Mala

Tulsi often referred to as the "sacred basil" is the most sacred of the woods used in Indian worship - the only wood that is considered to be divinity itself. Likewise, the malas made of tulsi   wood are considered very suitable for meditation. Tulsi clears the aura. It helps to balance vata and kapha doshas. Saying the mantra on Tulsi increases the spiritual power of the prayer, increases devotion and spiritual growth. It protects and aids in the pursuit of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion
Length: 41 CMS
Bead Size : 8MM


Origin India,
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Delivery time 5 Days,
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